I have been in China since 15th November and I write this post from Hong Kong due to the fact that FACEBOOK/BLOGS and SOCIAL MEDIA NETWORKING in mainland China is very much … BANNED.

In short I have been to Beijing – Xian – Chengdu – Mount Emei – Leshan – Zigong – Tongren – Fenghuang – Huaihua – Kunming – Dali City – Lijiang – Tiger Leaping Gorge – Hong Kong. All in 6 weeks … wowzers.

Every step of the way from top to bottom has been interesting from being scammed quite literally by con-artists (artwork sold to me for hell of a lot more than it was worth, and I am a designer/creative type that should know better … HA!) in Beijing to partying harbour side in Hong Kong on New Years Eve.

I have trekked 2900 metres up Mount Emei and also 2800 metres (at its highest) along the Tiger Leaping Gorge in the Yunan province.

Couch surfed in Zigong. Visited the Pandas in Chengdu. Walked the streets of the Muslim Quarter in a very smoggy Xian. Visted the Grand Buddha in Leshan (massive, carved into the side of a cliff overlooking the water). Got invited by ex-government officials to get involved on a tourism project in Zigong, branding etc. Attended a funeral in Fenghuang (long story, but an incredible insight into the culture). Biked around Kunming. Was invited to dinner with the locals in a very rural little part of Dali City. Trekked the tremendous tiger leaping gorge. Relaxed the legs in lijiang. Flight to Hong Kong and then it all gets a little bit blurry – Christmas and New Years here meant several drinks and a big handful of late nights! Oh and some gambling in Macau!

Now I am heading back to China, Yangshuo to check out the Karst Peaks/mountains along the Li River and then into Vietnam where I will be able to update you all on the days spent back in China!

Now the highlights in pictures:

Hong Kong from The Peak, the city scape around 6.30pm – amazing

The very civilzed que for the MTR in HK

Street food throughout the travels has been the top of the menu – so why change in HK, delightful ‘real’ HK cuisine experience

The Buddha – HK

Dan and Danielle in HK on the funicular in HK – completely see through, floor etc. 

In China and HK they make paper versions of the deceaseds life to burn at the funeral – plasma TVs, cars, Houses, Family etc. to take with them to the after life

Cats for sale in Central HK

Buildings HK – Stanley, buildings were very pretty pastel colours

Macau, the very Portugese styled city square

Macau, Lisboa casino complex

HK – Santa Chun and his get along gang, fun times were had on Christmas Eve

Christmas Day Karaeoke

HK Christmas Day party

Lamma HK – Gardener on this car-free island just a short boat ride from the frenetic city life

HK Lama Island Beach

HK Lamma Island beach side 

New Years Eve in HK 

The Vince Noir of the Tiger Leaping Gorge – Just discovered some new kind of Hair Product and went completely nuts with it …. ‘I GOT A BAD FEELING ABOUT THIS’

Me and Tor after an epic climb along the gorge and back with a well deserved ale

Tiger Leaping Gorge China, ME and and a PIg that had been freshly shot and de-haired

Tiger Leaping Gorge China, Eary morning shots from our Guesthouse …. WOWWW!

Tiger Leaping Gorge China, Eary morning shots from our Guesthouse …. WOWWW!

The view from our room at the guesthouse in TLG, China

Me and my pipe, TLG China

Kicking back with the trendies and shiz, TLG China

Watefall enroute through TLG China

Getting all at one with nature amongst the Bamboo in the Gorge

Tor TLG China, love this shot

Buffalo, TLG China

Locals walking along the TLG China

Me and Toros posing like intrepid travelers alongside the Gorge

Me reaching the peak 🙂

Epic, TLG China

More views TLG China

Rural wife in Dali City, China

Rural life in Dali City, China

Snow Pea crops, Dali City, China

Jeremy from the land of the Dutch being attacked by a nipper in Dali City with silly string

Rural Life Dali City, China

Rural Life Dali City, China

Working – well a couple of shovel loads for some snaps anyway 🙂

Snow Pea fields, Dali City, China

Trev, Paul, Tony and Dan, Dali City China

Paul, Dali City China

Rural Life, Dali City, China

Rural Life, Dali City, China 

An adventure around Dali City on two wheels

My comrades Jeremy and Toros on Bikes

Parklife, the older guys in the parks fly kites hundreds of metres up in the sky as a pastime – Kunming, Yunan Province, China

Baby in the park –  Kunming, China

Hostel World – Pool and table tennis, mother licker! Cloudland, Kunming China

Ladies on the street, Kunming, China

Some very rare naked Lady Art – Kunming, China

Graphics on some signs around Kunming – ‘NO SPITTING’ (if you didn’t guess)

Train Station, Kunming

Hot Pot, Kunming

Just Hot – a brand I found in Kunming, amazing cake, hilarious company ethics (well the translation from Chinese to English) ‘Delicious food. If you do not like the delicious food – that does not like the life. Who can deny that she is not happiness’ WOW?

Child eating sugar coated fruit in Kunming Park

Me and Chris saying fare well after a few days hanging out

Biking Kunming

‘I LOVE CHINA’ – Ironic image of a minority girl on the streets in Kunming

This little fella was in a cage outside of a shop in Fenghuan – more precisely a restaurant. Dinner for some ‘lucky’ diner, poor little fella. He so wanted to escape!

Fenghuan from my Hotel window. Beautiful location!

Cliff Richard, Fenghuan China