I visited Hiroshima and stayed for a couple of days to take in the `A-bomb Dome` and the Peace museum followed by Miyajima island. I will admit that my knowledge on this was foggy at best before visiting and learning in depth the affects and devistation the attomic bomb caused to Hiroshima and the surrounding area was a real eye-opener, shocking!

A lighter note in the evening was taken on board in the form of karaeoke with some Japanese businessmen and a norwegian named Thore. Very random little bar where you pay 3,000 yen and you are entitled to eat sing and get merry until the hostess turfs you out at closing time, around 2.00am .

After a couple of very deep (though none the less interesting) days, I head to a little island called Naoshima. Renowned for its art and creativity (and apparently one of a few islands in the area that have inspired some anime artists). I will sum this place up quite simply, chillaxed!!! Amazing little island with architecture and art that has really got my mind ticking again, sharp clean concrete forms with neons at night illuminating buildings everywhere. Super quiet at night and still very traditional, a great mix! The idea behind each individual artwork was to make them individual/site specific and to work organically with the nature around them.


A-bomb Dome and Peace memorial taken from inside the peace museum. Lots of Japanese schools visted throughout the day as it is obviously a major part of history here in Japan (and of course world over).


Miyajima, Amazing view at night of the Tori Gate in the sea


Karaeoke, spot Thore?! Loving life!


Naoshima Baths, more naked times though this time inside of a building that was a work of art in itself and once inside it only gets better, random art everywhere (notice elephant). The whole place is an art installation.


Park Beach, a piece of art that the three of us made – me, Ayaka and Yuri. Met the girls randomly and decided that I would join them for the day to make it all the more interesting, fusing art with Japanese culture.


Park Beach, finally a picture where I have got the timer spot on. These pieces moved in the wind or indeed when you start posing against them. They work on a pivot system.


Park Beach, this piece was outside of the gift shop. To make the shots more interesting I got the girls to interact with the art.


Park Beach,another piece of art that had a highly reflective glass, not mirrored but close to


Chichu Art Museum,amazing space that turned nature and the time of day into a piece of art by James Tyrrell


Chichu Art Museum, View from the rear of the buildings across the other islands


Cafe Saya – Even lunch was creative on this island


Naoshima Port, Trying to get all arty farty and using the girls as my muses


Bye bye girls, at the port as they had to head back to their home towns of Fukuoka and Nagaro


Naoshima Port, One of many pieces of art that turn into neon heaven at night. Love the vibrancy of this place at night and the colours littered amongst natural beauty. Reallly is an amazing juxtaposition of art and nature.


Naoshima Bath at night, right next to where I was staying. I stayed at a place called the Little Plum, nice place with `cool` staff and tune selection in there restaurant/cafe area – itunes, you have to love the wonders of apple.


One of 6 different housing projects on the island


Another of the housing projects - made entirely from recycled materials including driftwood and shop signs.